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A Defense Attorney Taking Forceful Action In Drug Cases

Drug convictions can lead to serious consequences. These can include long, mandatory prison sentences with no eligibility for parole. Clients can also lose their driver's licenses for drug offenses. When my Brockton, Massachusetts, law firm takes your case, I work hard to minimize the consequences you face.

Drug cases often involve illegal search and seizure on the part of the government. I investigate your case and review all the evidence that could potentially be used against you. I file motions to suppress illegally collected evidence, preventing it from being used at trial.

I may also file motions to dismiss the charges themselves or attempt negotiation with prosecutors. If drug charges are not dismissed and if a favorable plea deal cannot be negotiated, I do not hesitate to do what it takes to get the best possible results. My reputation is for aggressive action, and I am known for forceful tactics that protect my clients by taking their cases to trial.

Fighting Serious Drug Charges

I represent clients facing serious criminal charges, including felony drug cases. These often include charges such as:

  • Drug trafficking
  • Possession of drugs with intent to distribute
  • Manufacturing
  • Money laundering

My clients face drug charges related to many different types of drugs such as heroin, crack, powder cocaine, Ecstasy, marijuana and prescriptions drugs like oxycodone. The alleged quantities of these drugs can play a large part in your case, so it is critical to work with an attorney who pays attention to the details. I am dedicated to the highest standards of professionalism, and I thoroughly and effectively prepare your case for trial in order to obtain the best possible results.

Speak With A Defense Lawyer. Contact The Law Office Of Lauren McDonough.

Contact me by calling 508-588-5883 to schedule a confidential consultation about your drug defense. Appointments are available at my Brockton law office. Jail visits are also available, as necessary.

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